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Share Apps
Written by Deepak

The good thing about Google Playstore is that, it allows you to search and install any mobile app on the go. But what? if you wish to Reset your phone and didn’t wish to download & re-install all those heavy apps over again. Its possible, but most of the tricks need to Root your android device and then go for Titanium Backup or other.

Games like Asphalt, NFS are too large. Well you could do all this, without Rooting your device.

Share Apps

There is an android app called, Share Apps, which allows you to share downloaded Apk with others. But it also helps you to extract the same APK for you, without the need of purchasing any specific app.


  1. Download Share Apps from Playstore and install it.
  2. Run the app, and go to browse screen, and select the app you want to take backup of.
  3. Click on Share link on right side, Select bluetooth and send that App to any bluetooth device which is not turned on or nearby.
  4. When you do so, an error will popup for failure and you are done.
  5. Now use any File Explorer like ES Explorer and browse to Share Apps directory on the SD card, there you will have your .apk file ready to copy anywhere you wish to.

Other Screens:

share-option app-inside

Download Link:

Share Apps

Es Explorer

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