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Written by Deepak

Months ago, it was official that Whatsapp Calling is coming, there were reports with screenshots showing the Call functionality in Android devices. Although, iOS users have already got this feature.

This feature is currently under tests, and Whatsapp hasn’t officially made it available to everyone via Playstore. But its silently enabling this feature in random devices in specific builds. Right now it works, with an invitation method, where you need to get an Incoming call from your Whatsapp friend, who has received this feature.

To avail this feature, you need to 3 things:

  1. A friend, who already has Whatsapp Calling activated on his device
  2. Latest Whatsapp build ver. 2.11.561 (tested and availed on this specific build version)
  3. Receive a call from the friend and keep that call active for more than 25 seconds, who already has this feature as mentioned in step-1.

Download the Whatsapp APK (ver. 2.11.561) – APK Mirror

There is a probability, that the Whatsapp Voice Calling invitation window is open for a limited period of time, so, its not guaranteed that, the moment you read, it will work. But, its been reported, that its working since morning (IST) today.

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