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Download Country Restricted PlayStore Apps

Written by Deepak

Have you ever wanted to download Android Apps, that are currently not available for your country ? or you have the latest Smartphone, still the PlayStore says, that App is not compatible with your phone ?

Sometimes, some app developers and companies, launch their apps for specific country, and then they release that app to other countries after a while.

Evozi allows you to download that restricted app directly on your Desktop and later you can copy it on your mobile phone; or you may even access this website on your phone itself.



  1. Visit Evozi Android App Downloading page. (//
  2. Copy the PlayStore Url/link of the App, you wish to download
  3. Paste that copied URL in the Evozi input box and Click on Generate Download Link
  4. There you go, now you can copy the download app into your phone and use it.

For Example:

You can download the Facebook’s Slingshot App for your Android device, which is currently only available in US


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