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Written by Deepak is a one of the best inventions on the Internet right now. This social Networking website, has connected and brought more than millions closer to one another.

If you have an extra Facebook/Fake account and want to delete it completely or want to get out of Facebook completely,

Yes, you can delete your Facebook account permanently:

Facebook provides you with two options:

One is to Deactivate it for some time, nothing changes with your account here, just you aren’t available on Facebook Search/Profile anymore.

Second is to Delete your Facebook account completely, by which your all connected data is deleted and you need to create fresh new account to get back on Facebook ! Though it gives you a grace period of 14 days, to completely delete your account.

There is no direct link to delete account on Facebook directly, but you can delete it by clicking on the link below:



And if remembering this link is difficult for you, you can even search this delete feature using Facebook Help and delete your account. Just follow these simple steps:

1) Click on Settings Gear Icon on top-right (you click for logging out)

2) Click on Help, drop-down menu will open with an Input box, to type your query.


3) Type Delete Facebook, and hit enter or wait for the result to appear


4) Select first option – How do I delete my account?


5) When the answer appears on next screen, go the last line of second paragraph, which says: let us know. and Click.

6) There you are, final prompt to delete your Facebook Account


7) Fill the Security check for Password and Captcha


8) And your Facebook account will be deleted in next 14 days.


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  • I deactivated my Facebook account because I was hacked and had al ready changed my password. My cousin reported it as hacked for me but the hackers had actually copied my account and there were 2 accounts for me with the same profile picture. What do I need to do????

    • You should try mailing facebook about this ! and also you should try making your password more stronger! Please text the other account that your photo is being used and this can lead to serious consequence of cyber crime.

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