This game is so beautiful & addictive, that it got 1million+ downloads just in 7 days

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Best App of 2015 – App Store, Finalist – Unity Awards, Product Hunt – Game of the Year, Excellence in Visual Art – IGF, Iphone Game of the Year – iMore, Gold Award – Pocket Gamer, Playlist Selection Award – Killscreen and many more awards and mentions. More to that excellent feedback about the game from all the leading tech blogs and magazines like Verge, TNW, Wired and the list is too long.

I’m talking about the Alto’s Adventure game, which was launched on Android Playstore on Feb 11, 2016, and today it has more than 1 million+ downloads.


Alto’s Adventure was launched on iOS last year. Its an endless snowboarding game with beautiful visuals like dynamic lighting and weather effects, including thunderstorms, blizzards, fog, rainbows, shooting stars. It has addictive gameplay and pleasant soundtrack which pull you inside Alto’s world.


The best thing about the game is that, its completely free for Android users and costs around $2.99 USD for iOS users. Its also available for Kindle. The game is developed by a Ryan Cash, founder of Snowman and Harry Nesbitt who is a feelance Illustrator, designer and developer.


The game offers 60 levels, which are unlocked one by one, as you gain points and achieve 180 handcrafted goals like collecting llamas, Coins, performing jumps or other brave acts.


In my experience, stop reading it here, go to the below mentioned links, download the game and start playing! Because, this is what i’m about to do just after this post.


Believe me, its a pleasure for your eyes, everything is so mesmerizing ! I’ve fallen in so much love for this game that its installed on my all the devices now, may it be the Phone or tab. Though it doesn’t syncs the game on both device, which is bad.

Download for Android devices from Playstore or Apple devices from AppStore.

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