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There’s hidden game inside Google Chrome browser

Google is always known for its Easter eggs, then might be it “Barrack Roll” or “askew” or many more. Just in, Google added a offline game in its Google Canary Browser.

When your internet goes off due to any kind of issue on Chrome, the browser shows an error message with a T-rex Dino in center of the page.


Google Canary displays  the same error and putting the Dino on the  left side of the error message. If you see so, then you simply need to press the Space Bar on your keyboard, and you can play the infinite Dino running game with just single key. Jump over the cactus obstacles and create your high score.

This game was bought into notice by François Beaufort, a Google “open-source Chromium Evangelist, on his Google+ Profile.




This game is visible, only when Chrome detects that your Internet is disconnected or offline, and its right now only available in Google Canary, which is the beta browser for Google Chrome, where all upcoming features are loaded first for the developers.


You can download and know about Google Canary from our old article.


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